Drop by and ask us how we will help you easily white label, price, manage and deliver quality assured hosted communications and collaboration to your customers. Our Business-in-a-Box solution gives you everything you’ll need to understand, pitch, train and explain its value to your staff and customers.

Powered by Cisco and built around their world leading HCS platform, we are the UK’s only provider able to offer a full, competitive collaboration experience to as few as 10 users, all the way up to and beyond 10,000.

Need a reason or two to drop by?

  • Start selling Hosted UC & Collaboration with no capital investment
  • Reliable and quality assured voice to the door
  • Full training with dedicated technical support and account manager
  • UK’s only Cisco HCS platform for SMB’s and above
  • Unique and easy Gateway portal to order, provision, manage and bill clients
  • Competitive and profitable annuity solution

Heard about Spark?

Following the recent launch of Cisco Spark – the next generation of business collaboration – we’ll also be on hand to answer your questions and tell you more about our upcoming Spark reseller workshops to fast track you to the latest innovations.

sipsynergy. Simplifying the complicated.


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