Our Promise to Systems Integrators

At sipsynergy we are committed to helping Systems Integrators (SIs) capture the enterprise and mid-market opportunity, through partnerships focused on mutual success and improved profitability.

Our Enterprise Hosted Collaboration (EHC) platform is powered by Cisco HCS, with Cisco Flex Plan Licensing. One of the world’s leading service provider grade hosted cloud platforms, HCS is cloud sister to Cisco’s on-premise IP telephony and unified communications (UC) solutions, which enjoy global market dominance. EHC is a powerful tool for organisations with geographically distributed users who need to collaborate effectively.

Our Business Hosted Communication (BHC) platform is also becoming ever more relevant to SIs as they address mid-market customers, especially those with a smaller number of offices and a focus on external communication rather than internal collaboration. Large numbers of users can be supported in each office.

The Market Shift

Systems Integrators are at the sharp end of the shift customers are making from on-premise voice services to cloud Unified Collaboration. Many large UK and international companies are starting to take cloud UC seriously. That’s a shift that could have a serious impact on your business.

  • Substantial refresh projects that have traditionally provided SIs with large CAPEX orders are increasingly being replaced with 3-5 year monthly OPEX orders.
  • SI sales staff are in danger of losing relevance in various industries that are embracing cloud collaboration models.
  • Channel business models built on substantial one-off project revenues and complex professional services are starting to look outdated and expensive compared to partners who have already re-designed their businesses around smaller monthly recurring revenues and leaner professional services organisations.
  • Managed Service organisations which remotely monitor and manage on-premise telephony systems are increasingly seen as expensive overheads when compared to the lean and efficient, automated and low overhead specialist teams running cloud delivered services.
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Our Channel Focus

We bring you a 100% channel only partnership that removes or mitigates risk and enables SIs to switch customers to the cloud with confidence and success.

You manage the customer, migrate their services, provide first-line support, and cross-sell and up-sell new services. Customers see the benefits of the features, functionality, simplicity, reliability and agility of cloud UC, while you enjoy increasing annuity revenues and profits, making your business more predictable for employees and shareholders alike.

Gateway, our easy-to-use online portal, gives access to real-time billing, facilitates the easy creation of quotes, sales orders and support tickets, and provides a range of other controls and visibility to help you and your customers make the most of our service.

It’s time for SIs to embrace cloud Unified Collaboration: the best way to do that is in partnership with sipsynergy.

We don’t think the shift to cloud business needs to be complex. It’s as simple as that.

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