Migrate Your Customers to Cloud the Easy Way

With sipsynergy SIP trunking solutions you can offer your customers a simple migration path from the old world of ISDN and PSTN to tomorrow’s cloud solutions, and a more flexible, cost-effective and manageable alternative to traditional ISDN and PSTN phone lines, without sacrificing performance, bandwidth or quality.

With no connection or other up-front charges, sipsynergy makes getting started with SIP trunking easy and cost-effective. Get your customers under way with as little as a single channel, on a monthly contract.

Daily and monthly spending limits are integrated as standard, protecting your budgets. Provisioning is easy and immediate through either our provisioning portal or our APIs.

Since our service is compatible with any SIP/2.0 PBX, you can use your customer’s existing infrastructure to simplify their migration, then enhance their service further with other cloud services.


Eleven Reasons to Use SIP Trunking

SIP trunking with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides a seamless, easily implemented migration path for your customers’ journey to cloud, saving them money, increasing flexibility, and facilitating service consolidation.

Our monthly SIP trunk charges are a fraction of equivalent ISDN channel rates, there’s no need for additional equipment and no minimum number of channels. Your customers can make significant savings within 6 months to a year of switching to SIP trunking, and will often save over 70% over the contract period.

With ISDN sales ending in 2020 and the infrastructure due to be switched off just five years later, organisations of all types are looking for alternatives. Compatible with SIP/2.0 PBX solutions, sipsynergy’s solutions allow existing handsets and PBXs to be reused, making migration to SIP and cloud solutions quick, easy and cost effective, and keeping your customers looking to you and not to your competitors.

Unlike traditional PSTN lines, you can scale SIP trunking as your customer’s business grows, or as demand rises and falls throughout the year. The sipsynergy pay-as-you-go model is cost-effective, flexible and well-suited to today’s business approach.

SIP trunks are far more mobile-friendly than traditional technologies. Calls can be easily and automatically re-routed to mobiles or other numbers without redialling – ideal for travelling staff or those working from home. Enable your customers to deliver consistent call experiences for all staff, wherever they may be.

While ISDN is limited to 30 channels per circuit, SIP trunks suffer no such limit. Each circuit can carry as many channels as its bandwidth will support. With new channels easily provisioned in seconds through the sipsynergy provisioning portal, scaling your customers’ portfolio of lines is simple, quick and cost effective.

Delivering voice calls over data connections with SIP trunks allows geographic numbers to be used, even when users are away from the locations their numbers relate to. Improve your customers’ user mobility and productivity without sacrificing caller access, enabling them to provide highly responsive services to their callers.

Using either the sipsynergy provisioning portal or through API integration, SIP trunks can typically be provisioned within just a few seconds – allowing you to respond to customer demands faster.

SIP trunks can run over your customers’ existing data connectivity and we can SIP-enable existing PBXs. With no need for additional hardware or related installation and maintenance services, or the costs and management burdens they bring, sipsynergy’s solutions allow you to offer your customers a simple migration path from the old world of ISDN and PSTN to tomorrow’s cloud solutions.

Deploying SIP trunks opens up unified communications and collaboration capabilities, allowing you to integrate your customers’ existing communications channels with other applications, services and devices that already run on their IP networks.

Your customers may believe that ISDN delivers better quality than SIP – that’s a myth. Quality of Service (QoS) is supported, and enabled by default, on all sipsynergy circuits. SIP calls and data traffic can share circuits and additional SIP trunks can be provisioned (given available bandwidth in the circuit) without call degradation. We not only optimise call quality – we guarantee it.

SIP trunks run over the underlying circuits, and will use the best available connection(s) for each packet. Service integrity and resilience (as well as capacity) can be improved simply by adding additional circuits.

ISDN Circuits in use
Savings on ISDN
ISDN Sales End

It's time to switch to SIP with sipsynergy

Why Choose sipsynergy?

We created our service and platform in and for the cloud, and our absolute focus is on continuing their development there.

You enjoy a service with no legacy systems or technology holding it back, only powerful, cloud-ready functionality, under continual development, with new features and value being added every day.

Better Value

At sipsynergy we focus on developing the features and services you need to do business quickly, effectively and easily – we have no interest in trying to dazzle you with functionality that doesn’t. We believe you should have the assurance of great quality service for a reasonable price. “Better value” is widely promised. We deliver it.

Faster Provisioning

We don’t waste your time. There’s no need to wait months for your solution – our SIP trunks can be provisioned in just a few seconds. Of course, we can’t always influence third-party delivery schedules, but we’ll always do everything we can to get you up and running in the shortest possible time-frame.

More Personalised

Automation can bring enormous benefits, but it needs to be introduced in the right areas, and only in those areas. No one wants to spend their entire working day talking only to machines. At sipsynergy we automate intelligently – where it makes sense and serves you. We always make sure you have easy to access human technical support and assistance, whenever you need it.

Cisco Powered

We’re proud of the fact that we have one of the very few Cisco-powered cloud collaboration platforms in the UK. As well as enabling us to deliver a far more flexible service, it comes with the world-famous Cisco heritage of reliability and enterprise-class performance that all businesses appreciate.

Dedicated Team

Whenever you need help, our dedicated technical and advisory team are on hand to help. We build close working relationships with all our partners, so they’ll already know about you and your business, enabling them to give you the support you need that much faster.

24/7 Support

You never know when you might have a Priority 1 or Priority 2 emergency – and when you do, you need support right away. Our round the clock service is there to make sure that whatever the hour, help is always on hand to keep your experience and service at its best.

Got a Question? Let Us Help.

This page is just a brief introduction to SIP Trunking from sipsynergy. There’s no way we can cover everything you might want to know here.

We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call to find out more about us, and, more importantly, how we can help your business.

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