Instantly deploy SIP trunks with automated billing

SIP trunking is replacing traditional ISDN & PSTN phone lines and that’s a good thing.

With no connection and other up-front charges, you can start cost-effectively with just a single channel on a monthly contract. Daily and monthly spending limits are integrated as standard and provisioning is easy and instant using our portal or via APIs.

Compatible with any SIP/2.0 PBX, you can even use your existing infrastructure to simplify your migration, then enhance your service further with other cloud services.

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How does it work?

SIP trunks work by connecting your existing PBX (or IP-PBX) phone system to the outside world using a data connection (either internet, Ethernet, or IP VPN), without losing the features and services you use every day.

You can use either your existing internet connection, or speak to us about providing a guaranteed QoS-enabled circuit that will support both your SIP and data traffic.

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Call Quality

SIP calls can share the same circuit as your data. Applying Quality of Service (QoS) to your connection will mean call quality is optimised.

When adding SIP trunks, your only limitation is the bandwidth of your data circuit. You can add as many channels as you like so long as your data connection is big enough to support it.

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SIP Trunking Benefits

By using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) together, you no longer need separate phone lines, saving you money, consolidating services, and increasing flexibility.

SIP trunk monthly charges are a fraction of equivalent ISDN channel rates. There’s no minimum number requirement, so the savings are significant from the start, often well above 70% over the contract period.

By lowering fixed and recurring costs, plus removing the need for additional equipment, SIP trunking makes a positive impact on a company’s financials. Significant savings can be achieved within six months to a year of switching over.

Unlike traditional PSTN lines, SIP trunking can be scaled as your business grows, or as demand rises and falls throughout the year. This pay-as-you-go model is cost-effective and suited to today’s business approach.

SIP trunks are far more mobile friendly. When you are travelling or working from home, calls can be easily re-routed to mobiles or other numbers, without dialling different numbers, allowing consistent call experiences.

Unlike ISDN where you are limited to 30 channels per circuit, SIP trunks are only limited by the size of your data connection, making it easier and cheaper to grow the number of lines required.

By using data connections to deliver your voice calls, you can now use geographic numbers even when you are away from that location. This improves user mobility and productivity without sacrificing caller access, ensuring responsive services to your callers.

SIP trunks can be provisioned really quickly. Typically taking only a few seconds when using our portal or via API integration.

Because SIP trunks run over your existing data connectivity, there’s no requirement for additional hardware or related installation and maintenance services.

SIP powers unified communications and collaboration too. By adding SIP trunks to your service, you can now integrate your existing Comms with other apps, services and devices that use the IP network to communicate.

It’s a myth that ISDN is better quality than SIP. As long as your data circuit supports quality of service (QoS), you can make sure your calls always get through without degradation. QoS is enabled on all the data circuits we provide to our customers.

Just like a data network, service integrity is possible just by adding additional connections. SIP isn’t tied to a specific line, and will use the best or most available connection.

The service is compatible with SIP/2.0 PBX solutions. In most situations, you can continue to use your existing handsets and PBX without having to replace them. This is great for cloud migration strategies.

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It's time to switch to SIP

Why choose us?

Our service, platform and development began and continues to evolve in the cloud. For you, this equates to a service that has no legacy systems, only cloud-ready functionality that is under continual development, adding new features and value every day.

Better value

Often said, seldom seen. Why shouldn’t you have the assurance of great quality service for a reasonable price? Our focus has always been to develop features and services you need to do good business, and not overload you with functionality that doesn’t.

Faster provisioning

No one likes waiting. Our cloud services have dispelled the myth that you have to wait months for a solution or connection. Instead, we aim to deliver your solution in days. Whilst we cannot always alter third-party delivery schedules, we’ll do our best to get you up and running as soon as we possibly can.

More personalised

Automation is definitely an empowering thing, but sometimes it can go too far – where you have no one to talk to but machines. We automate where it makes sense and serves you, yet always have easy to access human technical support and assistance.

Cisco powered

We’re proud of the fact that we have one of the very few Cisco powered hosted communications platforms in the UK. It not only enables us to deliver a far more flexible service to you, it also comes with a heritage of reliability and world-class performance that businesses both big and small appreciate.

Dedicated team

Everyone we provide service to is supported by a dedicated team of technical and advisory personnel. It means that when you need our help, we know more about you and your business, so we can help you find and do what you need that much faster.

24/7 support

We probably don’t expect you to call on us at 3am in the morning, but you just never know when you might have a Priority 1 or Priority 2 emergency. Our round the clock service is there to make sure that whatever the hour, help is always on hand to keep your experience and service at its best.

Simplifying the complicated

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